United Cooperatives - Alliance of the Americas

Welcome to the UCAA web page!

UCAA is a federation of member-owned cooperatives. UCAA exists to preserve and protect the cooperative model by sharing best practices in an effort to improve returns, reduce cost and enhance business practices for its members and cooperative wholesale distribution, while preserving each group’s cultural foundation.

Since the establishment of UCAA in 2010 by founding members Embassy Group (Plumbing & HVAC) and IMARK Group, Inc. (Electrical), UCAA has sought to attract the strongest independent member-owned wholesale distribution verticals with similar objectives and goals.

We welcome the opportunity to work with other member owned member governed cooperatives of wholesale distribution who serve the industrial, building materials and construction segments of the market. In today’s ever changing and dynamic economy strength in numbers and volume, not only within your respective industry but also as part of broader and more diverse industries is just smart business!

Arnold Greenwald

Chairperson UCAA